Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2006

Christmas Eve, at the Eidse house

Christmas morning...

...and back at the Eidse's to play with Dominic

Over to Grandma Skinner's for dinner...
Grandma and Karissa

Oma, Papa and Sadie survey the action

Kevin was clearly pleased with a new Play Station controller

On Boxing day, we trekked out to Boissevain to join the Martens in some rousing carols...

...and a ruthless gift swap

Sadie peaks down on the going-ons, much to Grandma's delight

At Choy's Restaurant, a fine Boissevain establishment...

...frequented by stylish patrons

Running back to Portage la Prairie, to get together once again with the Galstons

New Year's Eve morning, I came home from work, where 12" had buried the neighborhood, and turned our green VW Golf into a white PT Cruiser